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Burning Man 2004 - PICS!
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Burning Man 2007, where we met, reunited, laughed, participated, enjoyed and LIVED.
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There once was a themed camp, organized by a group of a few and joined by many over the years. It quickly grew as many wished to belong. Growing pains, and tired organizers, resulted in many splintering off into smaller groups and the original SOLO camp no longer existing. Hence, Burning Friends.
Burning Friends Group
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Heartbeat 2003
NEW!! LAFer Sightings
All are welcome to join us as we look forward to a new adventure in 2008. We do have a bit of room left for those wanting to join the LAFers. Please send an email to Fancy or RJ, introduce yourselves and we'll confirm space available.

Solo travelers, couples, families, and anyone else is welcome to join. We're a group of solofolks, not just singles. Some are married/attached while others are not.

We do ask that you remember that you should be prepared to be self-reliant, responsible for yourselves, and respectful of others. We have organized a community shower, shade and other things.

Enter your email address above for our Burning Friends chat/message board, or find the LAFers tribe on, where we can be found tossing about ideas and general planning. Any one of us would be happy to share our past experiences and perhaps a little advice for the new comers. Just ask!
First-timers and old-timers welcome!

2007 We did it!
We survived the challenges of the desert, weathered the dust and wind, and came away with family.
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RJ, our resident cruise director
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